Chennai formerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the sixth most populous city in India.

Chennai is an important centre for Carnatic music and hosts a large cultural event, the annual Madras Music Season, which includes performances by hundreds of artists. The city has a vibrant theatre scene and is an important centre for theBharata Natyam, a classical dance form. The Tamil film industry, currently the second largest film industry in India, is based in Chennai.

Hangouts :

Amusement Parks:

VGP Golden Beach:

VGP Golden Beach

The resort is essentially an amusement park located close to Chennai’s city center. The resort comprises of some lush green parks that are lined up with some wonderful trees. VGP Golden Beach Resort offers a nice place as egress from the techno life. Well paved side walks, parks and the shades of the trees provide a natural climate that is quite refreshing. The resort hosts a number of activities for fun and frolic. The popular rides and games at the resort include go-kart, dashing car, water chute, super trooper, giant wheel, aero-ship, jumping frog, children’s merry go round, super jet, break dance, dragons belly, jungle safari, roller coaster and many other.

The VGP Golden Beach is grounded at the East Coast Road, in the Chenai city suburbs. The resort is perhaps the nearest to the city center. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the place from the heart of the city.

Entry Fee :
The entry fee for adults is Rs 100, whereas for children the fee is Rs 50.


Kishkinta is considered as the best theme park in Indian sub continent. The park is located some 28 kms from Chennai city and towards the south of the city precincts.


Of the various popular events, the joy rides at Kishkinta deserve a special mention. Joy rides like Space Shuttle, White Water, Flame Ride and Wave Pool often forms the priority. The 120 acre theme park is well provided with a natural environment featuring trees, water holes and extravagantly rich green floors. The park area has some beautiful beautiful hillocks and lakes. For kids there is an exclusive fantasy land called Kiddies’ Area. This section of the park features castles, water ride, tree houses, swings and many other, related stuff.

Timing:    The park hours are from 11.00 am till 7.30 pm on weekdays.
On Sundays and holidays the visiting hours are from 10.00 am till 8.30 pm.

MGM Dizzee world : 

MGM Dizzee World

The amusement park is known to offer some of the exciting rides and water sports. The amusement park consists of three sections, which are MGM Dizzee World, MGM Marry World and MGM Water World. MGM is provided with some beautiful lawns dotted with colorful flowers and a private beach lined with coconut trees.

The park provides more than 60 rides, some popular ones including toy trains, the giant wheel and roller coaster and the ubiquitous 100 feet Dizzee Shake. The water sports hosted by the park are equally entertaining. Besides rides and sports the park provides a private beach strip for sun bathing and other beach activities.

The MGM Dizzee World is one of the few best amusement parks in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. The park is located near the Muttukadu region in the outskirts of the city. The places can be reached by taking the route to Mahabalipuram.

Timing: The park visiting hours are from 10.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Entry Fee: The entry fee for adults is Rs. 135 per head and for children it is Rs. 90 per head.

Dash-n-Splash :


 Dash-n-Splash is an exclusive water park in Mevallur Kuppam Village. The park has surplus of water pools and shaded areas that provides a wholesome family entertainment. The water slides are the best things to go for at Dash-N-Splash. The Wave Slide, Free-Fall Slide and Spiral slide provide awesome pleasure and excitement. A slide from about 30 feet and into the water really deserves an appreciation at the park. Slides from lesser heights are provided for the children. Besides these popular falls, there are swimming pools, an artificial rainfall shower and an artificial water fall. The park provides enough to get water borne. The park maintains a cafeteria that serves, exclusively, vegetarian food. A number of souvenir shops are located within the campus which sell amenities like eatables, costumes, etc.

Location :
Dash-n-Splash amusement park is situated about 30 kms away from the city of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu state. The park lies off the national high way number 4, that leads to Bangalore. The park is grounded at Mevallur Kuppam Village in Chengai MGR district. The park office is located, in the city itself, at Tambu Chetty Street.

Timing: The park is open throughout the week, including the holidays. The park  opens at 10 a.m. and remains open till 7 p.m.

Entry Fee:  The entry fee to the park is Rs. 90 for each person visiting the park. Dash-n-Splash also provides membership offers.

Tarsha Water Sports:

Tarsha Water Sports

 Tarsha Water Sports club hosts a number of water sports events. The facility is the lone provider of such activities in the region and as such has earned a great reputation. Some of the popular activities hosted at Tarsha include Water Skiing, Wake Boarding and Knee Boarding. Tarsha Water Sports club also offers a number of boat rides. Kayaking, Speed Boat Rides, Banana Boat Rides, Double Tube Rides and Para-sailing are some other means of amusement provided by the club.

Tarsha Water Sports facility is located on the East Coast Road some 15 kms from the district Mammalapuram (Mahabalipuram) and one the way to Pondicherry. The region housing the water facility constitutes one of the nearest getaways to the capital city of Tamil Nadu, that is Chennai. The East Coast Road originating from the city itself leads to Tarsha Water Sports.

Timing: Tarsha Water Sports remains open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all days except Fridays. On Friday the visiting hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Contact: For prior reservations or any information contact on the given phone numbers : 98410-24429, 8270154, 8253004.

Beaches :

Marina beach :

Marina Beach

Marina is a beautiful laid out beach that lies along the eastern coasts of Tamil Nadu. Marina Beach hosts a number of activities. To start with we have a long stretch of silver sand lining that abuts the Bay of Bengal. A good number of beach tourists can be seen swimmimg, surfing and playing beach volley ball along Marina. Kids making sand castles, the silhoutted appearance of the fishermen boats, horse rides, lantern lit shops and stalls, picturesque view of old buildings and refreshing parks and of course the splendid view of the sunset are some of the best features at Marina Beach.

Covelong Beach:

Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach is famous for its clear waters and serenity. The beach is one of the best for people who likes a dip and a dive. Swimmimg and wind surfing are popular activities of the tourists. The beach environs are quite fruitful for those who seek meditation. The beach houses the adorable fishing settlement. There are other attractions of the bygone era like an old old fort, church and a mosque. These attractions, however, are secondary and most of the people enjoy either the dip or basking in the sun.

Note: Not very far from the beach is the tourist hotspot Mahabalipuram. The tourists who come to Covelong Beach, generally makes to the place of Mahabalipuram.


Government Museum:

Government Museum

The Government Museum is the first such institution to be established by the government. The museum at Chennai contains some of the priced collections in Asia. The museum makes up a grand repository encompassing art gallery, theater, public library and more. The museum complex has been divided into various sections based on certain defined fields. These sections include Geology,  Archaeology, Anthropology, Numismatics, Botany, Zoology and Sculpture.

The museum is located in the vicinity of Egmore Railway Station, less than a kilometre away. From central railway station the place is about two kms away.

Timing: The museum is open on all days except Fridays and National Holidays. The visiting hours of the museum are from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Entry Fee: For children below 12 years entry fee is Rs. 10 per head (Indian Nationals). For adults fee is Rs. 15 per head (Indian Nationals). For bona fide students fee is Rs. 5 per head (Indian Nationals). The fee for foreig visitors falling in the above categories fees are Rs. 250, Rs. 125 and Rs. 75 respectively.

Birla planetarium: 

Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium is a fully computerized planetarium featuring an audio video sojourn of the cosmic space.Provided with the state of art technology, the planetarium reproduces the celestial experience down here. The observatory features fully computerized projector and one of sophisticated pieces of technology, that is GM II projector. The audio video shows hosted by the institution elucidate comprehensive knowledge as well as personal experience of various cosmic phenomena. The planetarium provides an air conditioned complex with seating capacity for 236 persons at any given time. The complex also houses a sound studio, seminar hall and a class room. These places are provided for various interactions and discourses that are offered by the science centre. The popular exhibits of the centre include Solar System, Cycle of Stars, Sky and Seasons, Comets, Man on the Moon. If you are interested in catching the stars or have a look at the meteoroids then make it sure to visit the place on second Saturday of the week. The show featuring night watching is held between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cholamandal Artists’ Village:

Cholamandal Artists' Village

The place features a calm and serene environment, ideal for the artists at work. There are small cottages which serve as the residential places for the artists of the community. Two art galleries at Cholamandal Artists’ Village exhibit the works of the resident artists. The galleries feature great collection of paintings and sculptures that are on sale. Each resident artist has his own gallery and a studio, wherein his personal contributions are housed. There is an open air theatre meant for performances by the artists. The Guest House, donated by the German Government, provides for the accommodation at Cholamandal. The place is fast becoming a great destination of cultural exchange.

Cholamandalam Artists’ Village is located at a distance of about 18 kms from Chennai city center. The place can be accessed by taking a bus to the Injambakkam township. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the place in a bus. A more convenient means would be by hiring a taxi from the city.

Guindy National Park: 

Guindy National Park

Guindy Park happens to be the smallest and the only park within the city suburbs of India. The park features an amazing bio diversity. The flora and fauna contained in the park make it one of the best tourist destinations in Chennai city. The park is inhabited by more than 20 species of trees, about 14 varieties of shrubs and more than 14 species of woodland mammals.The place also houses many species of rare birds and amphibians. The dry deciduous forests of Guindy are lined with tree species like Amona Squamosa, Atlanta Monophylla, Feronia Limonia and Azadirachta India. The popular park animals include species like Indian Antelope (Black Buck), Elephant, Spotted Deer, Indian Civet, Jungle Cat, Hedgehog, Pangolin and Jackal. Some rare bird species found in the park include Black Winged Kite, Honey Buzzard, Pariah Kite. The park is also home to many reptile and amphibian species. 
Guindy Railway Station and the Guindy Bus Stop is located in the vicinity, some three kilometres away and towards the north-west of the park. Both of them provide easy accessibility to the park.


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